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Spec oil Z Max Synthetic is a DEXTRON lll type automatic transmission fluid intended to satisfy all DEXTRON lll, ll E and D requirements It helps provide a smooth shift and long life in both passenger car and heavy duty automatic transmissions. Also recommended for power steering systems where automatic transmission fluids are recommended.
Spec oil Z Max Synthetic is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid with outstanding oxidation and friction stability. It is dyed green/blue for easy identification.

Spec oil Z Max Synthetic has proved most suitable in severe service applications where high temperatures have reduced transmission life. Spec oil Z Max Synthetic is recommended where either DEXTRON lll, ll E or ll D fluids are specified. Spec oil Z Max Synthetic has been shown to reduce automatic transmission fluid temperatures by up to 20 C in severe duty applications.

Typical applications include:
  • Heavy duty automatic transmissions with integral retarders
  • Transmissions retarders
  • Transmissions of vehicles used for towing
  • Racing application
  • Long drain applications
  • Ford A4 LD transmissions in taxis and transit vans

Extended drain interval in heavy duty automatic transmissions:
  • Although Spec oil Z Max Synthetic is compatible with conventional mineral DEXTRON lll or ll fluids, its performance is maximised if it is not mixed with these other ATF’s.
  • Very successfully used in drag racing applications.
  • City and Suburban service 100,000 km or 2 years
  • On-Highway
  • Also recommended for power steering systems and manual transmission applications where DEXTRON lll or ll fluids are specified.

Testing has been carried out in automatic transmissions of busses and passenger cars.
Therefore, this product is suitable for both types of automatic transmissions, in particular cold climates, to improve the shift ability or under hot/severe conditions for bus transmissions to extend the oil drain interval.
Spec oil Z Max Synthetic is approved by Voith, Mercedes Benz and ZF for commercial vehicle applications.

Spec oil Z Max Synthetic shows outstanding friction durability compared to a wide range of mineral automatic transmission fluids and synthetic automatic transmission fluids.
This means the smooth shift characteristics of Spec oil Z Max Synthetic are retained much longer than other fluids even under severe operating conditions.
Spec oil Z Max Synthetic shows excellent cold flow performance, very good anti-wear performance, outstanding friction durability and excellent oxidation stability.

Compared to typical mineral DEXTRON lll type ATF’s Spec oil Z Max Synthetic offers the following advantages:
  • Helps prolong seal and bearing life due to good thermal stability – improved transmission life.
  • Better wear control – less noise and longer transmission life.
  • Helps reduce oil temperature in severe applications – improved transmission and oil service life.
  • Low foam – stable gearshift performance when hot.
  • Lower volatility – negligible oil loss at extreme temperatures.
  • Compatible with mineral/conventional automatic transmission fluids.
  • Less disposal cost –longer shift behaviour – more consistent/comfortable shift from cold starts.
  • Outstanding resistance to high temperature oxidation – suitable for severe service.
  • Longer oil drain intervals- lower service costs.
  • Viscosity stability, i.e. less noise when hot – maintains new oil feel and higher performance.
  • Better control of deposits – cleaner transmission – longer life.

  • Voith E 607
  • Allison C4
  • Mercedes-Benz 236.81
  • ZF TE-ML 09, 14, Extended Drain
  • Dextron lll, Dextron ll, Dextron, Tyoe A Suffix A.

Closed Flash Point ( C)
Pour Point ( C)
Below – 60
Viscosity Index
Approx. 170
Density @ 15 C
Approx. 0.836
cP @ - 40 C
Approx. 8400
KV @ 100 C (cSt)
KV @ 40 C (cSt)
SAE Grade

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